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           January 4th, 1938

It has been one week since I first arrived here Order Castle. My family was very proud of my achievement. Here we are tested vigorously, and to the best of our abilities. In the middle of the night we are woken up and, because it is January there is snow, but we still do our training exercises. We do many other training exercises. One of the most nerve racking ones is when we play war. We play with real guns and live ammunition. When we bathe we must walk nearly two kilometers from where we live, just to bathe in icy streams. Amidst all these struggles I find hope. Hope that I will survive long enough to graduate from Order Castle. If I do I will be perfect in the Fϋhrer's eyes. If I survive I will be a prime example of youth, strong, swift, and tough.

                                                                                                           Alexander Loewe
Another historical thing, but this time it;s a part of the Hitler Youth Program. Basically it just gives some examples of what went down.
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